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Friday 30 June 2017

Looper for YouTube Chrome Extension | Download Looper for YouTube

Download Looper for YouTube Chrome Extension

Automatic video reproduction with ONE-CLICK, capable of customizing features such as AUTO LOOP switching, loop count setting and loop part with Looper for YouTube.

Have you ever wanted to watch the same video on YouTube ™ without pressing the playback button at the end of the video? With Looper for YouTube, you'll get a loop button under the YouTube player. After pressing the button, the video will repeat itself infinitely.

Main characteristics Of Looper for YouTube:

- ** Able to set the default auto loop on each video **
- Capable of adjusting the loop in a part / range
- Able to define the loop how long you want
- Use content script without a background page >> means less memory used

- Able to use the keyboard shortcut 'P' to start the loop
- Set "& loop = 10" in url to start the loop for 10 times
- Set "& start = 00: 10 & end = 01: 00" to start the loop from 10s to 1 min
- When the button of the loop presses the automatic playback of the playlist will be deactivated
- Able to set "continue play list" after loop number of times
- Last Game (2017) YouTube Style (YouTube Hardware and YouTube Games)
- YouTube language translation

Additional Features Of Looper for YouTube:

- Capable of defining the quality of the automatic video (for example, Auto HD / 4K)
- Able to use the "space bar" as a play / pause video
- Able to set the size of the auto-reader (that is, normal size, wide, full window)

* Any problem and suggestion with this extension, submit a support request instead of leaving in the comments difficult to follow and respond.

* I hope you enjoy this extension. Please rate 5 stars and leave a review, it is a major motivation for me to continue to update the extension.

Known Issue Of Looper for YouTube:

- does not work during production (Chromecast)
- looping in the playlist on flash player

Download Looper for YouTube


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